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I’m Erin- a nutritionist and wellness guide. I empower driven, creative ladies like you to nourish your body, so you have the energy and confidence to go for your biggest dreams. 

I see it too often... women with incredible potential living small: exhausted, overwhelmed, and struggling with their wellness or weight behind closed doors.

Instead of staying stuck in self-defeating cycles, I teach a smarter, easier way: creating a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle based on a foundation of inspired, deliciously simple, REAL food. (Coffee, wine, & chocolate all included!)

Because in my world? There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who’s vibrantly healthy & radiates well-being.

Let's get going, gorgeous!

Because I believe radiantly healthy women are the only ones truly living up to their full potential.

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Dreaming of days where you finally feel truly healthy: energized, focused, and at ease?

Stride down the road to transformation, arm-in-arm with an intimate group of women (sprinkled with private1:1 sessions, too! so you get support from all sides!)

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Ready to unlock the balanced body, irresistible radiance, and delicious freedom that come with vibrant health?

Get 1:1 Nourishment Coaching for undivided, expert attention & a custom wellness lifestyle plan.

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You can be one of those envied women who always eats well, so she feels amazing in her body & life.

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around food & habits, so sticking to a healthy lifestyle isn't such a struggle!


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Erin is one the the most talented people I’ve ever met. Not only does she have a vast knowledge of the many areas of nutrition, but her knowledge and empathy is the perfect balance to help you find a healthy relationship with food.

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Erin is a kind & compassionate mentor who works brilliantly with women navigating health challenges. She is smart, perceptive, and genuine. Erin will quickly build your trust and is an invaluable resource for anyone who works with her.

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I have been consistently amazed by Erin's unique capacity to connect with women and help them enhance their lives. Erin is a perfect example of practice what you preach; she combines evidence-based theory with a down-to-earth perspective. Erin has a true gift for guiding you on your wellness journey.

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Erin is one of the most gentle and soulful individuals I know. I'm always amazed by her wealth of knowledge in holistic health, but what impresses me even more is her commitment to wellness in her personal life. She lives what she teaches and you can tell she is deeply committed to helping you cultivate that same holistic wellbeing in your life.

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