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In my world, dark greens and even darker chocolate feed women’s dreams. 

After recovering fully from a clinical eating disorder in my teens that robbed my happiness and health, I went on to study the inextricably intertwined relationships between nutrition, psychology, & women’s well-being. 

And, I noticed a not-so-peculiar pattern among driven, creative, sensitive ladies like me: most were struggling to eat well and take care of themselves first, leading them to live far below their potential in every area: work, love, friendships, fulfillment.

So? I put the three degrees in nutrition, psychology, and neuroscience on my wall to work and married my smarts with my heart:

A vision to empower every career-driven, creative girl nourish her body, mind, and soul so she has the energy and confidence to live out the inspired, successful life of her dreams.

I’m Erin! 

Nutritionist & Wellness Guide for
career-driven, creative ladies!

In my world, dark greens and even darker chocolate fuel women’s dreams. 

hi, doll...

You can be a radiant, well-nourished woman who changes this world.

Inspiring women to eat well with simple strategies & nutritious , inspiring recipes frees up their time to do what they love, with the ones they love.

Empowering women with their own wellness rituals gifts them the energy, strength, and confidence they need to live adventurous, legacy-worthy lives.. 

Helping women craft wellness lifestyles lets them build success lives on the corner of heart and health, not hustle. 

want the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 

 read my full story 

so you

So, my story. 

It takes big breaths & bravery to share because its pock-marked by periods by brokenness and moments on my knees that were far from pretty. But there’s beauty to be had in that.

Growing up the daughter of a military man, I was ingrained with the idea that my performance in school and life ought to be like my bed corners: perfectly positioned, right and tight, crisp & clean. Vowel-littered report cards were expectations, not celebrations, and we marched down one path - the straight & narrow. 

But blended with a personality that’s genetically poised a little too close to perfectionism, I distorted that possibly-positive, parented discipline and self-direction into a prison of perfectionism of my own creation. 

Eventually, the fertile soil of puberty and public high school led to something more sinister...

Sure, on the outside, I looked like the girl who had it all together: all-A student, varsity athlete, Ivy-league littered college acceptances. 

But underneath? 

Holding it all together by hiding the truth: a clinical case of anorexia that fanned flames of anxiety and depression. Shivering from starvation in the Texas summers, buying Kotex for nothing, and pounding out marathoner miles on bruised, blistered feet. 

It took me until I literally had small stroke while sleeping to metaphorically wake up… 

None of us have forever. Putting off our health and happiness for “someday” does nothing but ensure that we squander our full potential this day.

A spark in my spirit was ignited that night: I set out determined to change my own life and help other women by studying all I could about neuroscience & nourishment. 

With grit and more grace than I could have ever asked for, I fully recovered and spent years at university, sitting in the stacks, nose buried in spines of research journals. 

Every year that I scoured the science, I solidified an emerging, oft-undiscussed truth: how we eat, sleep, & move holds incredible, untapped power to change not just our brain chemistry, but also how successful we are in our work and relationships. More than any medication, motivational self-help book, or marketing strategy.

But so few women are equipped with the simplified science & ssupport to actually do it.

Now, my life’s work is permeated by the idea that:

Radiantly healthy women are the only ones that actually live up to their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Every morning, I pry my feet out of the warm, cozy duvet & grimace just as they hit the cold, hardwood floor all because I live to see women like you nourish your body, mind, & soul, so you can be successful at what matters most: your career, relationships, and living fully.

What I know for sure is that feeding a happy, successful life is more than possible. I’m living proof. 

With so much gratitude that you’re here, reading my story and stepping alongside me into your beautifully, healthy life.


I'm more interested in women who aren't perfect. They're more compelling."  

-Emma Watson


interested in my

masters of science- nutrition

National University of Natural Medicine
Portland, OR

bachelors of science- nutrition

Simmons College
Boston, MA

registered yoga teacher (ryt-200's)

Wanderlust Yoga
Austin, TX

bachelors of arts- psychology

Simmons College
Boston, MA

need the whole CV? see my

certified strala yoga guide (200+ hr)

Strala Yoga
New York, NY

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Is there is anything more thrilling than opening the postbox and finding the unexpected - a stamped sentiment just waiting to be opened?

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"What is a week-end?!" 
Oh, Maggie. 

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Yep… ala Grey’s. An unashamed secret to STRESS-RELIEF as a woman working in this world, where expectations and anxiety run high and blood pressure can run higher

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Both on me. the latter on him...

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Ask anybody.

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She sailed alone from Ireland before the days of Skype + cell phones to work as a waitress, with only the hope of a better life for her & her family.

Her strength and spirit still inspire me...
Every. Single. Day. 

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The best adventures happen on accident...

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Tea of any type


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My cabinet collection is embarrassingly large...

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They're like time warps. that smell amazing.

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There's no better way to spend a sun-drenched June afternoon than watching the sailboats bob in the harbor.

Radiantly healthy women are equipped with the energy & confidence to change the world with their service.

core values






my top 5

 (what my business was founded on..)

There’s beauty in it… food & wellness shouldn’t be complicated, chaotic, or confusing.

My motto? Buy an all-access pass to life’s wild ride. You’ll never ask for a refund.

Connection holds the power to heal. And honestly, I’m all about professionalism, but I’d rather you to felt like we’re chatting over rosé & guac, not under pretenses & formalities. 

The path to change is paved with stones of self-kindness & inspiration... never: negativity, deprivation, or self-deprecation.






In my world, dark greens and even darker chocolate fuel women’s dreams. 

(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is one the the most talented people I’ve ever met. Not only does she have a vast knowledge of the many areas of nutrition, but her knowledge and empathy is the perfect balance to help you find a healthy relationship with food.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is a kind & compassionate mentor who works brilliantly with women navigating health challenges. She is smart, perceptive, and genuine. Erin will quickly build your trust and is an invaluable resource for anyone who works with her.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


I have been consistently amazed by Erin's unique capacity to connect with women and help them enhance their lives. Erin is a perfect example of practice what you preach; she combines evidence-based theory with a down-to-earth perspective. Erin has a true gift for guiding you on your wellness journey.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is one of the most gentle and soulful individuals I know. I'm always amazed by her wealth of knowledge in holistic health, but what impresses me even more is her commitment to wellness in her personal life. She lives what she teaches and you can tell she is deeply committed to helping you cultivate that same holistic wellbeing in your life.

that's so kind of you to say



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