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Self-care as a Success Strategy

Success.  It’s what every career-driven girl wants, regardless of how she defines it. But amidst all the career strategies, productivity hacks, and day-to-day “busyness,” most are forgetting an essential element to success: self-care.    I wrote a guest blog on my dear friend, Brianne of Brightly & Co.’s blog the other day on the topic […]


What is neuronutrition and why does it matter to me?

What exactly is “neuronutrition”? I can’t tell you how many cocked heads and quizzical looks I envision when I see that question slide into my IG DM’s on the regular. No doubt about it… is a new name on the health & wellness block. (So if you haven’t heard of it before, you’re not alone!) […]


Baked Basil & Herb Salmon Croquettes

Stuck in a same-old, same-old rut when it comes to healthy meals? Need some new, quick lunch ideas? I’ve got you covered, girl!   I made this baked salmon croquettes the beginning of this week and I blew even myself away by how good and versatile they were! They’re: full of healthy, brain-boosting omega-3 fats […]

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4 Health Questions Every Go-getter Girl Should Be Asking Herself

Do you feel healthy? It’s a simple question that evokes so many different responses & emotions… But whether you answered in the affirmative or negative, health in all it’s forms (phsyical, mental, emotional & more!) is a crucial piece of being a successful woman… it affects everything: -productivity + focus -energy -confidence + relationships -anxiety […]


Are You Addicted to Sugar? 6 Sweet Little Lies You Should Know…

“So basically, Oreos are legal crack.”  Read those words and the fiery-redhead spirit in me inflamed… I get pretty defensive when it comes to protecting women from harmful media myths and nutrition hyperboles designed only to sensationalize & sell… Needless to say, I think phrases like this one do a disservice and only serve to […]


Polyphenol Party Dark Chocolate Banana Pops

Remember when we chatted about those trillions of itty bitty microbes making or breaking your daily moods? Well, today, I’ve got a sweet summer recipe for a healthy snack or dessert that ticks two boxes when it comes to nourishing your body and brain! One of the nutrients that feeds helpful bacteria and better brain […]

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The #1 thing you need to know for better mental health as a successful woman

Ever experienced a mid-afternoon anxiety crisis? Or a down-in-the-dumps day in your career where your self-doubt drowns out the self-confidence you’ve been working so hard to cultivate? You might think it’s your self-talk or your failure to execute or maybe the family you grew up in. And yes, part of anxiety and depression is genetics […]

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4 Types of Cravings and How You Can Overcome Them Today

Ever stress eaten chocolate over an email that’s landed  in your inbox? A lot of women tell me this one… How about wanting crunch your way through a whole CASE of corn nuts come tax season? Let’s have some honest hour… Being a woman in today’s world are both stressful. And put ’em together??? Cravings […]


How Body Confidence Contributes to Success (+ 5 ways to get more of it)

Are you confident in your body? Let me ask that again: Do you love your body in a bikini? Or even in a tank top? Know without a doubt you look sexy when your stripped down to your knickers? (yep… went there!) And the kicker… Think your body confidence isn’t affecting your success in your […]


Crispy Roasted Parmesan Thyme New Potatoes + Breaking Free Food Rules

If you know my backstory, part of my journey to becoming a nutritionist was struggling with and finding full recovery from an eating disorder that lasted nearly a decade. And I don’t say that I “overcame” an eating disorder, because that would imply that I beat it– that I overpowered and out-mental-muscled it. Instead, I […]

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