“Hard” should describe cheese... 

not healthy eating.


Because there's a beautiful place called 

where real, whole foods intersect with what tastes delicious,
where peace and pleasure both get a seat at the table.

And when you get there?

Healthy eating feels effortless.

my philosophy

the 6 core pillars:

Permanently shift to healthy, whole foods (and what that REALLY is…’cause what you got from the food pyramid in 3rd grade or that famous instagrammer ain’t it, lady), brimming with nutrients for: positive moods, humming energy, glowing skin, and a balanced weight, effortlessly.

whole, REAl-food nutrition

Wonder why you can’t seem to stick to healthy habits long-term? Rewiring your brain is the game changer that’ll keep you motivated and prevent slip ups that used to send you spiraling backwards. (This is where most nutritionists and health coaches miss the mark, but I put it front and center!)


Who wants to spend their whole life counting calories, willpowering their way through bland diet plans, or micromanaging macros?
(hint: if you do, you should probs slink out of the soiree soon… ‘cause that’s not what I l want your life to be about!)


Eating in rhythm with the seasons is healthier for your body, mind, and the earth. Not to mention more affordable, fun, & festive! (ummm, hello: healthy PSL's!)


Fear and deprivation will never pave the path to true wellness. I’m all about clients feeling inspired and relishing in everything good about eating- the flavors, aromas, atmosphere, and people you love around the table. Because food can become such a rich part of your life… peppery summery arugula salads on picnics, wafts of warm, savory frittata that beckon your kids to the supper table, Christmas celebrations around salty-sweet, pomegranate-studded brussel sprouts


There’s so much conflicting, confusing nutrition information floating around on social media, Google, and more. With years of nutrition science study in support, I want to help you create simple structures for you to grocery shop, cook, and eat delicious, healthy meals, so you have more mental space and time to spend on things that truly matter & light you up in life!


n. a way of eating that optimizes your brain, so you feel focused, happy, & calm…

(The pretty perk? The same way of eating that’s nourishing for your brain also feeds a body that's balanced, vibrant, and energized! )

And even bigger bonus? When you get your brain nourished, healthy choices stop being hard because you don’t have to battle for more mental discipline or willpower.


The science all rests on what I studied for years & years: 

Being a truly healthy + happy woman means you get to:

Need to see the play-by-play in everyday? 

Wake up to days where you feel fabulous in your body, inspired in your soul, and enveloped in a sense of well-being

Love summer beach days again. Throwing your head back in the sunshine, warm sand between your toes, loving your body in a bikini.

Finally have the confidence to host that intimate, healthy dinner party on the patio you’ve Pinterest-planned for years: twinkle lights, rosé, and proclamations over your killer kale salad

Eat healthy consistently, instead of falling into old self-sabotaging cycles like stress-eating straight outta the tub of raw Nestle Cookie Dough when life throws you curveballs

Feel your hand slipping perfectly into his. A Saturday morning stroll in the crisp, autumn air, feeling happier + healthier than you have in… forever.

Because I don't think you should have to sacrifice your joy around food on an altar of "virtue."

How I’m different:

I live by the style motto: black & white, always right. 

But I don’t think that applies to nutrition. 

I’m here...to help you get there. 

I believe in a middle way. 

I believe that there’s room for structure and freedom with food to coexist. 
I believe diet dogma and wellness “rules” only add to the chaos. 
I believe that a healthy lifestyle and celebrating life aren’t mutually exclusive.

I believe true success always lies on a foundation of health + well-being. 
I believe you can't find true happiness unless you feel vibrantly healthy- mind, body, & soul.

I believe in days that start with sipping green smoothies and end with roasting marshmallows at the beachside bonfire by night.
I believe healthy eating can be inspired & beautiful, rather than a dreadful obligation.

I believe there’s a beautiful place called BALANCE where joy and a whole food approach meet. 

(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is one the the most talented people I’ve ever met. Not only does she have a vast knowledge of the many areas of nutrition, but her knowledge and empathy is the perfect balance to help you find a healthy relationship with food.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is a kind & compassionate mentor who works brilliantly with women navigating health challenges. She is smart, perceptive, and genuine. Erin will quickly build your trust and is an invaluable resource for anyone who works with her.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


I have been consistently amazed by Erin's unique capacity to connect with women and help them enhance their lives. Erin is a perfect example of practice what you preach; she combines evidence-based theory with a down-to-earth perspective. Erin has a true gift for guiding you on your wellness journey.

that's so kind of you to say


(I'm over here blushing)


Erin is one of the most gentle and soulful individuals I know. I'm always amazed by her wealth of knowledge in holistic health, but what impresses me even more is her commitment to wellness in her personal life. She lives what she teaches and you can tell she is deeply committed to helping you cultivate that same holistic wellbeing in your life.

that's so kind of you to say



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